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#Gifts!!! Don’t I feel #special LOL #newsocks #hash #earrings #happy #blessed (Taken with Instagram)

#Gifts!!! Don’t I feel #special LOL #newsocks #hash #earrings #happy #blessed (Taken with Instagram)

  1. lifealalexi posted this

I'm Alexis, but you can call me Lex, Lexi, Hey you, I'll pretty much answer to whatever. Native American& Mexican, which would explain the sexiness...haha just kidding but that's where I get the good hair ;). 19, freshman at Cal State San Marcos. So-cal sunshine<3. I get insecure, I swear A LOT, I can be loud as fuck, most of the time I honestly don't care what anyone says or thinks...unless I care about you, then it can hurt. I'm by no means gorgeous, definitely not a size zero, and far as fuck from perfect....but I'm still kind of fucking awesome. I can roll a good blunt, cook a bomb ass meal, and go down on you for hours, well not you in particular, my girlfriend wouldn't be too happy with that lol. My life: Family, peace, ganga, pussy, music, food<3